Hi and Welcome to The Connection Exchange.

Have we got something unique for you!

At The Connection Exchange we wholeheartedly believe in building personal relationships that make a difference, developing creative core messages that resonate with your target audience and supporting you – our clients and community, to not just stand out from the crowd to grow your business, but build your own unique and impactful brand in a BIG way.

Sound good?


We work with you to find your unique differentiation and hot sauce to spice up your client's lives in a way that attracts them, gets them excited and makes you look and sound like ‘the one' they've been waiting for. In a world that at times looks and sounds a bit ‘same, same', building a platform where you can craft and deliver your message, add value to your audience and deliver exceptional customer experience is where the brand love lives.

Let's work together step by step to design the map that takes you to the brand love destination.



We don't have loads of creatives on staff, which means more flexibility and better prices for you.  We work together to understand your specific needs and then we access our wide and varied range of creative partners to put together a team that fits your unique requirements, budget and aesthetic.  That's why we're called The Connection Exchange – we've built a hub of amazing partners and small businesses who do what they do, so well.  Whether your budget is $10,000 or $100,000 we have the right partners to bring your ideas to life.  Our job is to be flexible, resourceful and imaginative in the way we execute and deliver your project.



brand strategy

We work with corporate organisations to deliver brand strategy and creative collateral development across the board.  Otherwise, if you're just looking for a quick refresh of your current copy and creative collateral, then we can support you to do that quickly and easily.

We also deliver training on public speaking for your employees and leaders to help them OWN THE STAGE and represent your company in the right way, whether it be delivering an internal message, pitching externally or speaking at conferences.  We also deliver VIDEOCONNECT training on how you can use video marketing inhouse, to build exciting and engaging content.

brand coaching

If you're an entrepreneur or small business owner, then this is for you! We deliver a number of coaching & training options including –  one on one business & brand coaching through the Chaos to Clarity 90 day Coaching Program, OWN THE STAGE personalised speakers training, Business & Brand Strategy Huddle to get you set up and ready to go with clarity or you can book a time to Pick our brain if you have specific questions that you need answered.

The Play Big, Brand Bold e-course and Live event will be coming mid 2017 – so make sure to sign up for updates if you're ready to play a bigger game in your business!