We work with corporate clients and small to medium businesses to support you to articulate your message your market, brand look and feel and then execute on the development of your creative collateral.  What makes us different is that we have an amazing hub of creative partners that we bring together to form the team to deliver on your projects.  So no matter your budget or your requirements we have the right people to do the job for you.   We then ensure that the strategy we’ve agreed on is delivered in the right way to ensure you can play a big game and attract the people that are right for you.


We deliver both individual and group training on Speaking with Confidence and Connection.  As leaders in your business, it’s essential that your people engage employees and audiences, connect with them, learn the art of storytelling as well as create confidence when they take to the stage.  That stage may be in front of 1000 people or it may be at the Monday morning staff meeting. Either way, learning the art of engaging their audience is key.

We can train up to 10 people in a half day workshop.  For a smaller number of leaders we also deliver full day speaking workshops. If you would like to book a training session or would like to discuss how this could work for your business, then contact us directly.



Suzanne ran a brainstorming session at One Roof and did an incredible job. Her ability to simplify complex issues and find a real solution is very valuable. She is an astute listener and gives thoughtful advice. She is our go to strategist, particularly when it comes to monetization. We would have her back any day of the week!

Gianna Wurzl

Cofounder, OneRoof

Suzanne is able to turn an ordinary presentation/ topic into one that is engaging and entertaining – while still being genuine and true to the personality of the presenter. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to improve either the content or delivery of their presentations – as a bonus, they were also thoroughly enjoyable!

Melanie Courtney

CEO, Kidsafe Victoria

SHE LEADS is a program that works with small groups of female leaders to step up and create impact in the day to day work they do, conversations they have and ability to identify opportunities and gaps in their business.  After working with and in large multinational corporate organisations, Suzanne has mentored many up and coming leaders to define their voice, create strong relationships that support them to take their career forward and develop the availability to create the right boundaries to help them thrive at work and home.

This inperson training can be delivered to small and large groups to start the conversation around what leadership looks like moving forward and how we can define those terms ourselves.  This is perfect for away days, corporate conferences, brown paper lunch sessions or women’s community/interest group sessions within an organisation.

Recently we worked with Suzanne to run a live webinar for our stakeholders on “How to be more strategic with clients and increase your stickiness”

Suzanne was so easy to work with – an absolute joy. Her presentation was lively, fun and really really useful. She had great insights to share and was happy to encourage questions and discussion. Suzanne’s webinar is one of the best we have had at Virtually Yours and I’m so glad we took the steps to get her involved. If you want someone who knows their stuff, is professional yet fun and approachable, Suzanne is the one for you.

Rosie Shilo

CEO, Virtually Yours

Video is part and parcel of how we communicate with each other, our employees and our customers. At The Connection Exchange we work with you and your business to understand where the opportunities are for you to use this medium in a more engaging way.  Whether it be putting together training videos for internal use, welcome videos for employees or customers or if you’re looking to create website videos to showcase the work you do as an organisation.  We can work with you to formulate the right strategy to get the most out of the video content we create for you.  No matter how big or small your budget, we’re able to deliver high quality, engaging and relevant videos through our creative partners Australia wide.  Connect with us today to find out more about how we can set you up to make video part of your companies culture and communication.

Suzanne assisted us at short notice and with limited information in developing, recording and producing introductory videos to our services. She was able to guide us through the process whilst empowering us to develop a strategy that suited our business goals.

Richard Broxton

Project Manager, CXC Global