Do you love to learn from business experts about how to build and grow your own business?

If you’re ready to create a plan for your business in 2015, then this DIGITAL SUMMIT PASS is for you.  

EPIC BUSINESS PLANNING SUMMIT was a one day experience that brought female entrepreneurs together to develop their business strategy and plan for the year ahead.   Grab this opportunity to access awesome content from the event.   Whether you missed the day, or you were there and want to relive it – snap it up today!




VIDEO 1 –  YVONNE ADELE – 5 Pillars of Online Marketing

VIDEO 2 – SHAE BAXTER – How to get more targeted traffic in 2015, and build your brand as a bonus

VIDEO 3 – STACEY PRICE – Creating healthy business finance systems

VIDEO 4 – KATE HAMER – IP & Brand Protection

VIDEO 5 – FRANCES PRATT – Selling with Style

VIDEO 6 – LISA MESSENGER – Building a Multi-Revenue Stream Business

FACEBOOK  – Access to the closed EPIC Events Community Facebook page


BONUS VIDEO 7 of the Evening Event – An Evening in Conversation with Lisa Messenger

Wow! Epic it promised to be and epic it certainly was! ‪#‎EPICBPS‬.  Thank you Suzanne, Sarah, Tahlia, & Margot and the rest of the team. You were superb. And our speakers simply inspiring. Gorgeous women changing lives!

A very BIG shout-out to Suzanne Chadwick for hosting! All the speakers today were informative and of course it was just an honour to watch and listen to Lisa speak in such a way that blows away many minds.

What a fantastic EPIC event. Great opportunity to engage with great women in business, while listening to very entertaining and knowledgeable speakers. I learnt so much. I can’t wait for the next one!

AMAZING event Suzanne Chadwick!!!! Loved the whole day so many brilliant engaging and knowledgeable speakers. I got so much out of today (and tonight) and to your wonderful helpers Sarah and Tahlia you gals did a wonderful job!! I met so many friendly women and I think it’s great we can be so supportive and nurturing of women in business.

AUS $149


Lisa Messenger

Lisa Messenger is the vibrant, game-changing CEO and creative director of The Messenger Group, as well as founder and editor-in-chief of The Collective magazine – an entrepreneurial lifestyle magazine distributed into over 33 countries with a mandate to disrupt, challenge and inspire. Lisa has authored and co-authored over a dozen books and The Messenger Group has custom published more than 400 books for companies and individuals.

In this intimate workshop setting, Lisa will share her experience and tips on developing a multi-revenue-stream business, daring to challenge the status quo and doing things in your own unique way. 


Yvonne Adele

Yvonne is a Professional Conference MC / Speaker / Social Media Producer and Co-founder of The Reach Kit.  Yvonne created the Ms Megabyte brand/persona in the mid 90′s leading to a national media profile and best-selling book (Conquer Your Computer).

Presenting the ‘5 Pillars for Online Marketing Success’, Yvonne covers online marketing that ensures you have an army of advocates (happy customers) spreading the word for you, identifying which online tools can amplify your existing marketing efforts and you will discover how you can STAND OUT amongst the conversations that are already going on in your area of expertise/industry.


Shae Baxter

As the creator of Get Your Blog Read By Millions, Shae teaches bloggers how to use the power of SEO – Search Engine Optimization – to make it easier for clients, customers and fans to discover your work.  

Shae’s goal is to remove the overwhelm and frustration out of SEO so you can focus on your business – doing the work you love. All you need to do is focus on creating the best, authentic content that builds relationships, trust and credibility to make Google and your audience love you. 


Kate Hamer

Kate Hamer is the principle lawyer at Ethikate, a niche law firm providing specialist advice and services in intellectual property (IP) & brand protection strategies for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business.   

With many business owners developing their own websites, creating online programs and products and services, understanding how to protect your content is critical to running a business in 2015.  Kate will provide us with a number of clear strategies that you can implement for your business to ensure that you’ve positioned and protected your collateral in the right way.



Stacey Price

A CPA and Financial Coach to entrepreneurs, Stacey is the founder of Healthy Business Finances.  Stacey has a passion for educating and supporting female entrepreneurs to get smart about money and financial management.

Stacey will focus on managing money in your business, developing the right financial habits for business success and ensuring you have the tools and resources in your business to stay money smart!


Frances Pratt

Selling has been the focus of Frances Pratt’s life for nearly 20 years and she knows what a difference understanding ‘how to sell’ can make. Frances created www.kisstosell.com.au to do just that for business owners. Having grown businesses from $400,000 to over $4 million in turnover in 4 years and exceeded her sales targets, by minimum of 156%, she helps ‘demystify’ sales and show people who aren’t natural sales people how to make selling part of what they do every day; so it really doesn’t seem like selling at all.

In this session, Frances will teach you “How To: Win clients and influence people”. Frances brings these insights and advice to you to demystify sales and selling, giving you the power to deliver dramatic sales results for your business.



 The event was all about empowering women. There was a variety of content delivered well. Content was interesting and relevant and the women at the event were wonderful. So organised and beautifully executed. Suzanne, you are a natural!

 EPIC was everything it promised to be. There are so many things that I took away from the day.  The speakers were great, the content was relevant to my business and I know exactly how I can use this information for my business to move forward.  What a day! Can’t wait till the next EPIC event!

Thank you to the incredible Suzanne Chadwick for putting together an amazing event today (& this evening). I had a wonderful day & have a mind full of inspiration! Thanks to all the speakers for their knowledge & great presentations- so valuable! And of course to Lisa Messenger!

Congrats Suzanne Chadwick and team to a very successful, entertaining insightful and informational day!!! Each speaker provided a ahhh ha moment that I could take away and utilise in, my biz…thank you! And love the fact that I had these amazing women around me.

AUS $149

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