Did you know that speaking directly to your ideal clients will give a clear insight into their mind? Wouldn’t you love to know how they make their decisions, how much they would pay for your services and what key words or language would convince them to use your  business and services?

This “Ideal Client Interview Guide” will provide you with the right questions to ask your ideal clients.  I’ll give you a clear understand of how to use this and what to do with it once you’ve completed your interviews.

This will help you build your sales pages and copy, it will help you create the right products and services and it will give the clarity and insight you’ve been looking for.

What’s included?

– Your ideal client interview questions template

– An instructional video on how to use it and what to do next

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“Suz’s ideal customer template was invaluable to me. As a business owner starting out – I knew it was crucial to sit down with my prospective clients – to listen to what they most needed, and to understand how I could best help them get there. But honestly, it was hard enough finding the time to firstly arrange a time to chat and then sit down with each person one on one, let alone finding the time to strategise my survey approach. For that reason I stalled and put off moving forward with the most important part of my business. 

Then I came across Suz’s interview template. Hallelujah! Had I not bought the questionnaire, I probably wouldn’t have ever done the interviews. And I wouldn’t have the intimate understanding of my customer’s needs that I have now as a result of doing them. I followed the template – pretty much exactly as it’s set out – and it was awesome! The feedback and insights I gained as a result of using these strategic questions was priceless. The time and stress I saved, even more so. I’m now serving my awesome audience so much better than before.”


Lucy Bourchier

Coach & Writer, Something to Move

How to build a wordpress website from scratch


Would you love to know how to build a simple website in under 30 minutes?

Creating a website is part and parcel of running a business and having a website that you can manage yourself is key to responding quickly to your customers and the needs of your business. Would you love to know how to build a simple website in under 30 minutes?

Whether you’re starting a blog or need a website for your business, there are a number of ways you can go about creating a basic website. In this 30 minutes video tutorial I’ll show how!

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eXchanger Business Training Hub

If you’re ready to build your skills in key areas of business then the eXchanger Business Training Hub is for you. These simple and easy to follow Videos cover:

  1. Developing a Content Strategy (20 minutes)
  2. Public speaking and presenting with confidence (28.11 minutes)
  3. Branding for Beginners (30 minutes)
  4. Designing simple graphics for your website and blog (31.09 minutes)
  5. Social Media Management (33.25 minutes) and
  6. Blogging for beginner (14.52 minutes)

If you’re tired of trying to work things out for yourself then this is the hub for you!

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