Would you love to run more events to grow your business, brand and bottom line?

This fun and practical online course will give you the foundation for running events that work for you and your business. Whether you’re looking to run workshops, large events, breakfasts or social gatherings I’ll show you what you need to be thinking about from the start with budgeting and financial tips so that you don’t get overwhelmed or lose money on the way. This course will leave you feeling energised and ready to plan your next workshop or event to grow your business and your community of raving fans.

Creating events that people talk about, come back to and want to part of, whether big or small can be a great way to grow your business, connect with your community and build your client base.

As someone who runs events on a regular basis, Suzanne has learnt over a number of years what works and what doesn’t, how to ensure that you make the most of the event that you run and create offers, experiences and connections that help you grow your business as well as support those around you.

What you’ll learn in this mini e-course:

The benefits of running an event


How to Plan for success

The Nuts of bolts of running an event


Partnerships and Promotion

Party time - What to think about on the day of the event

Post event follow up

Bonus video – How to set up your videos (ticketing, advertising)

This is for you if you’re looking for a quick and simple guide to running events for your business. I’ve tried to make something you can work through in a morning and get your events off the ground that afternoon!

Happy event planning and I look forward to seeing you inside our Private members & ecourse lounge where you can ask for anything you need and get additional support!