Build a unique brand you love, market yourself with confidence & excitement 

and take your business to a whole new level!

Play Big, Brand Bold is an online course that will change your business from the inside out and help you gain confidence, connection and clients.

You know it's your time to step up. You can stop playing small, stop waiting for tomorrow, today is the day to make it happen! It’s easier than you think and I'll show you how….

Play Big, Brand Bold is an online course that will change your business from the inside out and help you gain confidence, connection and clients. I’m not just inviting you to join a course and learn how to make your business completely unique, I’m inviting you to join a movement where women in business play big, shine bright and shed those things that are holding them back. Does that sound like a movement you’d love to be part of?

If you know that you can play a bigger game but you’re lacking the confidence, structure and knowledge, then this may sound familiar…


You often look at others and wonder why they can do things in their business but it feels so hard for you


You procrastinate and keep yourself busy even though you have a list of things that you know you want to achieve


You distract yourself with everything else except the things you should you be doing, then feel like a failure when you don’t achieve your goals


You’re waiting for everything to be perfect before you take the leap with simple things


You feel like there’s a secret to making things happen in your business but you haven’t been let in on it yet


You want to step out of your comfort zone but you’re not sure how to get rid of that annoying and limiting voice that keeps you playing small


You want more for your business and life but you just don’t know how to build the business that is going to truly reflect you

Mindset is a big part, and by combining it with savvy strategies, EPIC Branding and a serious community and support system, you’ll be unstoppable

Playing Big and Branding Bold is the key for any entrepreneur in today’s market, especially if…

  • You want to learn to share your core message with the clients you REALLY want
  • You want to attract the right clients who love your special brand of you
  • You want to create credibility for you and your business
  • You want to put forward a brand that you’re truly proud of and love
  • You know you are sabotaging yourself when it comes to your business and what you’re really capable of
  • You struggle to know how to structure your business to utilise the time you have to work on it
  • You don’t have the right systems in place to play the big game you want to
branding ecourse

I decided to join Play Big, Brand Bold, because I really wanted to do something for myself in my business. When I saw the branding and I saw Suzanne with the pompoms, it really resonated with me, because I felt like it was time for me to actually put my business first, and I really didn't know where to start. I felt like I needed a guidance. The biggest breakthrough I had during the course was nailing my core message. Once I got that, (it took me a while) but once I got that, everything else started to make sense. How I thought about my marketing, my pricing, and exactly how I knew it made my target audience clearer.

My favourite thing about the course in terms of working with Suzanne and the rest of the group is just the supportive atmosphere. I mean, being in a small business and working in a very solitary space, it doesn't really give you a lot of creative ground to bounce ideas off people, and it also is wonderful to know that other women are going through exactly the same thing, and even hear Suzanne say that she has these mental blocks, or money blocks, or whatever it is, actually makes you feel more reassured that you are on the right track, you're not lost, and you just have to work through it.

I think this course is for women who want to play a bigger game in their business and who are ready to recognise that in order for them to grow in their business, that they actually have to put themselves first, that they need to invest the time to actually work out how your business is going to be structured, how you want to grow, where do you see yourself going, rather than just chasing your tail, which is what I was doing. The course, for me, was supportive, friendly, and allowed me to be creative.

Julia Farracane

Saint PR & Copy

I had a good thing going in my business, I knew I could do what I do well but wanted to fine tune all the presentation and processes and up the game a little so to Play Big, Brand Bold I went. The course was well laid out, with functional and understandable content and resources. This made the concepts easy to understand and implement. Suz put a tremendous amount of effort into making this a rockstar experience and she nailed it. From the worksheets to the videos, the conversation to the knowledge bombs, each part was rad. Suz was also willing to help brainstorm ideas if anyone hit a roadblock and to be honest, that level of commitment was pleasantly surprising! I learnt how to up my game, make my business run smoother and how to delight my clients even more. Would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to ensure their business not only plods along but soars.

Leanne Woff

Virtual Infinity

So many women have amazing talents to share, killer skills, knowledge and experience but don’t play to their full capacity or capability. Recognise any of these thoughts?

Am I really good enough?

They’re going to find out I’m not as good as I say I am

What will they think if I talk about what I do and about myself?

Can I really do this?

I don’t know what I’m doing, I have no idea how to put myself out there

How am I ever going to find time to do all of this?

I’m not an expert, who would listen to me?

I feel overwhelmed with everything

I’m too old/young for people to take me seriously

If any of this resonates with you, then this is the course for you!

brand ecourse

When I started my business in 2013, it was because I saw a gap in the events and networking space, plus I had girlfriends asking me to help them start and build their businesses after I built a consulting business inside a corporate. I had all the confidence in the world in my corporate job, because I’d been doing it for so long, but the minute I stepped into my own business there was a multitude of reasons why I couldn’t or wouldn’t play big.

Over the next year or so I plodded along, taking what came my way but not making any strides to truly step out of my comfort zone and do what I knew I was capable of.  That inner voice that keep me ‘safe’, or so it thought, was seriously holding me back.  I had put on weight, I was sitting behind my computer day in and day out just getting by.  The branding I had for my business and myself was okay but I didn’t love it, so I didn’t want to shout from the roof tops about it in case someone saw that I wasn’t perfect and that I didn’t have it all together. I kept myself small until I realised something pretty awesome…

Everyone feels the same way. No one feels like they have it all together all of the time. Everyone starts somewhere. It's only when we start to take the steps towards creating the business we want that we can start stepping into our own power.

I created Play Big, Brand Bold to support you to uncover what’s holding you back and give you the tools and resources to take those steps to playing a bigger game in your business and creating the success and abundance you’ve been dreaming of.



How to shift your mindset and identify what’s been holding you back


How to create the right strategy to help you play a bigger game and give you the confidence and road map to make it happen


How to create a brand you love that is you to the core, that you’re proud to shout about


How to create opportunities for yourself in a way that feels right for you, whether you’re an introvert or extravert


Pricing and packaging with serious – “I want that” appeal


Creating savvy systems for business ease, and


Creating a rockstar experience for your amazing clients that they’ll come back for again and again

How do I know what you're going through?

Apart from being there myself and doing the work to find my way, I've spent the last few years coaching women and more recently I've had the pleasure of interviewing and speaking with over 50 women from around Australia and the world to learn their stories around what holds us back. I’ve loved and valued the insights that so many women have entrusted me with. One thing I've learnt is that so many women go through the same thing. We also have histories and stories that impact the way we see ourselves and our place in the world. Changing your beliefs about why you can’t play a bigger game may be embedded in your thought process, so together over time we'll work to get through those beliefs so that you take the steps to create the business you truly want!

Belief and Stories

“I have to have a big team to play big”

“I need to be skinnier”

“I need to have more money in order to really put myself out there”

“There are people more qualified than me to talk about this (even though I’ve been doing it for 20 years)”

“I don’t need more clients, the success would be stressful”

“I don’t want to put myself out there because what if I am a success, then what?”

“You have to tell everyone everything about yourself to really play big”

“People who are more polished/speak nice/dress better than me, do better in business”

“My business is just for fun or it’s just pocket money – that keeps me safe”

When I started to work on my own reasons and beliefs for why I wasn’t playing a bigger game, I discovered the story that I was telling myself… I was doing what I could, wasn’t I? I’ve got 2 kids (in daycare mind you), I have other things that I have to do as well (which weren’t as important), I could just ‘see how it goes’. All of these thoughts and behaviours were just excuses and I knew it! Sprung Suzanne – what are you doing… Are you here to play or are you here to tinker?

I had to be honest with myself about the story I was telling myself and admit that…

I was half-assing it. I wasn’t really giving it my all. I wasn’t really doing what I know I needed to do to make my business successful. I was just doing the minimum I needed to say I was running a business. The minute I was honest with myself, everything changed.  Once I put a strategy in place, started speaking with people about what I'm super passionate about — business & brand strategy — the work starting coming in.

Sometimes you've just got to get out of your own way!

Who is this for?

This is for you if you know that there is something holding you back. You may not know what it is but we’ll uncover it together. This is also for you if:


You want to play bigger in your business and be more confident, and clearer on what you want and how you do the things that matter


You want to run your business like a business with structure, strategies and systems that will allow you to scale and grow


You’re ready stop tinkering and create real impact and change in your business


You’re tired of thinking – what if…?


You want to get your pricing and packaging sorted


You want to create a brand that attracts the right clients for you


You want to feel empowered to own the direction your business is going in


You want to be surrounded and supported by an amazing group of women who are in the same boat as you and who understand what you’re going through

How does it work?

Starting on 12th March 2018, we'll spend 12 weeks working together through 6 modules that cover the following:

Module 1 – Courage, Clarity & Confidence

This is all about the A-HA moments. There were so many women I interviewed who, just through the process of asking themselves key questions, uncovered what was really going on (and not just what they thought was going on). In Module 1 we’ll dive into these questions to help you identify and break through thought patterns that have probably been embedded for some time and talk about them in the closed Facebook group, your safe space to share. We’ll walk through The Three Mindset Minefields that hold many of us back plus some pretty amazing tools and lessons to help you shift from ‘planning’ to taking action to actually making things happen.

branding ecourse
brand ecourse

Module 2 – The Strategy of Playing Big 

Do you have the strategy or road map in place to make this journey feel easier? Do you know what you need to do to really reach your goals on an annual, quarterly, monthly and daily basis? Are you just coasting because you really don’t know the best way to move things forward? In this Module I’ll show you the key to creating a strategy to start playing bigger, planning for real success and knowing exactly what you’ll be doing to create the successful business you’ve been working towards. We’ll be covering the long game plan, making revenue in the short term, creating momentum, and developing key opportunities for you and your business.

Module 3 – Brand & Marketing Maven

Branding & marketing like a pro are two skills that are key for your business growth.  It doesn't have to be hard or expensive. When you know how to market your business, it can be fun and exciting! We’re going to dive into your core message, brand voice, personality, and look and feel to see what’s under the hood and how you're being seen in the market. Are you walking your talk or just ‘kind of' putting something out there that isn’t really clear to everyone around (and to be honest you're not super clear either)?. Getting the basics of marketing and knowing your audience is super important. We’ll also be taking the ick out of marketing and having some fun when it comes to connecting with your audience.

branding online course

Module 4 – The Power of Pricing & Packaging

One of the biggest areas I work with clients on is pricing and packaging with power and purpose. Not sure what to add to your package? I’ve got you covered. Not sure how to price? I’ll share with you what I’ve learnt and we’ll talk about the buyer's filter and mindset that, as a business owner, is always worth understanding. In this Module we’ll also talk about owning your worth, getting out of the bargain basement bin and creating the no-brainer package designed specifically for the person you love working with.

Module 5 – Savvy Systems

Having the right systems in place can be the difference between winning that client or losing them. Making your life easier, creating the right processes and helping your clients have a great experience that makes you look professional and like you have all your ducks in a row! Savvy systems is going to have you feeling amazing and running things the way they should be in a business like yours.

brand online course

Module 6 – Rockstar Experience

As I always say – Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. Personally I like to be in every room but when I can’t I hope that the experience my clients and community has carries on when I’m not around. Creating a rockstar experience for your clients is where I believe the magic is, how easy it is for them to engage with you, as well as  the love and attention you give. We’ll work through your customer journey to ensure you can add some jazz hands to keep your clients coming back for more and talking about you till the cows come home!

I was at a cross roads in my business, needing new eyes to look at how to progress & the course covered all the areas I needed help. It has helped me with clarity & a new lease of life for the biz, with so many great ideas & things to think about. I would recommend to any new business owner because it's such valuable information. Joining the course will save you time & money and reduce mistakes & I feel you will have a greater direction. You also receive great support through out the process.

Sue Harries

Stylist, Between for Girls

Sneak Peek…

How is it delivered?

This course will be delivered online through our members' portal, the eXchanger hub. Every fortnight you'll receive an email and that week's new module release for us to work through together.  There will be one live round every year with Facebook lives and coaching calls — our next live round will begin on 18th March.  During the rest of the year you can absolutely join the course and get access to Suzanne and the rest of the course members in the closed Facebook group, which is there to ensure you get all the help you need, feel fully supported and can share your a-ha moments, breakthroughs and wins with others who are going through the same things you are.

The course runs over 12 weeks with a new module released every fortnight (which is what our participants requested and we listened!) so that you have time to catch up on anything you'd like to. Plus you'll always have access to the course and the Facebook group so that you can get the support you need at any time.

These modules are not hours and hours of video content.  They are short and sharp videos with worksheets for you to do so you can get through what you need to.  Other course participants have found it useful to print out all the worksheets and methodically work through each section — but it's up to you how you work best.  One thing that I've made sure of is that this course isn't ‘bloated' with hours of content.  I know you're busy and you have a business to run, and I want you to be able to manage the course content and get the most out of it, so be assured this course is manageable and doable in the time frame set while you run your business at the same time.

When you sign up you'll get:

Play Big, Brand Bold 12 week ecourse

$1,500 value

Access to the private Facebook group to get the support you need during and after the course.

Priceless for your support and connection


Weekly Facebook Live coaching sessions to set you up for the week and 1 hour+ live Zoom coaching weekly to answer your questions during the live round.

$3,000 value (12 hours of coaching)

Access to EPIC Business Branding Summit 2016 Live event videos recordings and Lisa Messenger video recordings from EPIC Business Planning Summit 2015 live event

$195 value


Your Investment

You get all of this and the support you need for A$1,200 + GST

Registrations are now open. Will you join us?!

Suzanne’s energy is infectious, she’s very knowledgeable and her passion for helping women like me is enormous. She really takes the time to listen and help you with ideas and strategies that probably you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. I felt we were a team all the time and always looked forward to our sessions. Working with Suzanne, I can feel how much I’ve grown and learned during this time as a business owner. At first it was overwhelming but she helped me every step of the way! I now have a clear strategy ahead and feel very excited to where I see my business going. Thanks so much Suz!! xx

Eliana Colimodio

Styled by Eliana

I can’t recommend Play Big, Brand Bold highly enough to any woman in business that wants to play a bigger game! I got so much more than I expected to ever gain from a business course. This has challenged me, helped me ask the hard questions I have been avoiding, and in the end I have come out with such clarity on where I want to take my business. Jumping on the coaching calls each week was absolutely invaluable in helping ask more detailed questions on areas I was struggling with and Suzanne was always so generous with her time to provide help to myself and the other ladies with specifics that applied directly to our own businesses that we could action. I can’t thank Suzanne enough for putting this amazing course together. I will definitely be revisiting the modules again in the future as my business grows and I’m wanting to up my game again and again. Thanks Suz!

Lisa Cappuccio

Web Design & Digital Consultant, Luna Ink Design Studio

Thank you so much for your amazing training. In spite of the fact that I am running successfully my business RST Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers for the last 14 years, it is always good to update the new knowledge, technology and new management skills. You are such an amazing and positive person. Your training is practical and I can apply it in my business straight away. I will recommend your training to any business owners.

Sineth Sareth Sar

Director, RST Consulting

I joined Play Big Brand Bold e-course because I was trying to get my business up and running and felt like I was running in circles, doing lots of things but getting nothing done.  Once I started working with Suzanne and going through the course content I realised fear was holding me back and stopping me from achieving my dream of running my own successful business.  Connecting with the other ladies in the group and hearing their struggles and challenges made me realise I wasn't alone which helped me break through my fears.  Having the support of the group helped build my confidence and getting their feedback on what I was doing was invaluable.  Being in a safe and supportive environment allows you to step outside your comfort zone and to realise what you are really capable of achieving.

Working with Suzanne was amazing, she is kind, knowledgeable, approachable, enthusiastic and energetic.  She fills you with confidence, inspires you to be the best you can be and encourages you to follow your passion.  I now know I can achieve anything I set my mind to.  I am so glad I invested in myself and did this course, put my fears aside and gave myself permission to go after my dreams.  Thank you to Suzanne for your support and encouragement and to the Play Big Brand Bold course for getting me on track with my business, and to the other ladies in the group for helping me uncover my belief in myself.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants more out of their business.

Sandra Buckley

Play big, Brand Bold is a 100% risk-free investment.

With my coaching clients experiencing the success of playing a bigger game in their business and getting the results they want, I know that the strategies you’ll learn in this program work. It’s not only helped them, but I’m a walking example of how digging in deep and creating the right opportunities for yourself can catapult your brand and business. You have the power to transform your business and mindset for success as well. I wholeheartedly want you to feel confident and excited to make this investment in yourself.

That’s why I offer a 20-day money-back guarantee. If, after 20 days in the course, you decide that it’s not for you, I’ll refund your complete enrollment payment minus any fees – no questions asked and no hard feelings lovely. I’m here to support you and if I’m not for you then that’s okay as well.

As you can tell I’m pretty confident in the work I do with my clients and I know that I can help you – if you let me.

20 Day Money Back Guarantee

So basically – You’ve got nothing to lose!

In our 12 weeks together, I'd love to support you to play a bigger game in your business and learn to love putting yourself out there in the way you really want to…

Your confidence, business & brand will never be the same.


How does an online course work?

Once you purchase the course, you’ll then get to join the Facebook group straight away and the week the course launches you’ll get access to Module 1.  Each fortnight on Monday morning at 9am you’ll get an email with the link and access to that fortnight's module.  Throughout the course we’ll be connecting in the Facebook group, working through the content, talking about what you’re going through and seeing how we can help.  The course will have videos with key actions and tasks for you to implement as well as worksheets so that you can track and work through what you need to.  Together we’ll help you stay accountable so that you get the most out of the course and don’t lose your momentum.

Do you offer a scholarship?

Unfortunately I don’t. When I have in the past, those who didn’t pay for the course didn’t actually complete it in a committed way.  I’m looking for people who are happy to invest in their learning and support network and are ready to take that next step.

What if I’m not sure if I can afford it?

Well this one is totally up to you lovely.  You can wait, but do you think things will change between now and when you think you’ll be ready?  This course is not just about helping you play bigger, it's about supporting you to grow your business in a real way.  If you're ready to invest in yourself and take the leap to really nail the foundations of your business message, branding and systems then I always say — there's no time like today! 🙂

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do.  There are 3 and 6 month payment plans that you access at both early bird and full price.  Note that payment plans do incur an additional processing fee.

I’ve just started my business or I’ve been in business for years - is this for me?

Whether you’re starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, this course can help you to uplevel at each stage.  I’ve seen super successful people state that they have been holding back before – so we all do it.  You may be starting out, you may have a successful business, but the question is: are you giving it your all or are you holding back – even a bit?  We all go through ups and downs and this course is here to support you to continue to play a big game whatever that means for where you are in your business. There is always the room to move yourself forward and look at what you could be doing and what is holding you back. So the answer is yes, no matter where you are in business, this is for you.

What results will I get?

That is totally up to you.  The women I’ve worked with who have done the work, dug deep to really be honest about what’s holding them back and then step into their worth, have experienced the results of that. So it’s your call – if you’re willing to do the work then we’re here to help you get the results that are right for you.  How quickly you start moving your business and yourself forward is also different for everyone.  Some people will see results quickly, whereas it may be a slow burn for others.

Does it matter where in the world I am located when taking the course?

No it doesn’t; as this is delivered online through the member’s site and Facebook you can access it from anywhere.  You will obviously have the opportunity to attend our live celebration event but you’ll have to factor that in if you want to attend as it will be on the east coast of Australia.

I decided to join Play Big, Brand Bold because I wanted to have some structure in my business. I love the work that Suzanne does and really resonated with her brand, her business, and really saw that it would be beneficial for me in knowing what those structures are and understanding the branding of it, which is really want I wanted to find out a lot more about.

The biggest shifts that I've had through my business is creating a lot greater clarity for me in what my vision is, what my mission is, and what the core message is for me.

I think this course is for women in business that really want clarity and systems and structure around their business, really want to nail what their core message is and their branding. Absolutely go for it! If there are women that are thinking about doing that and want to achieve those things, you absolutely need to do Play Big, Brand Bold.

Colleen Lansdell


Once I joined Play Big, Brand bold, I think one of the main shifts for me was the confidence in my business and knowing what to say to people and how to present myself and my brand online. I really love the way that Suz's brand is represented online and everywhere that you see her online. She's always the same and I just really love that about her and I wanted that same feeling for my brand. I wanted my clients to feel the same way that I feel about Suz's brand.

One of the biggest realisations for me during the course is probably the fact that you just have to get out there and do it and not wait for everything to be perfect because it's never going to be perfect. I think that I'm such a perfectionist and such a people pleaser that I always want to make sure that I do the right thing. At the end of the day, if you just get something up there it's probably pretty good and you can still tweet that, it's not the end of the world, it's not set in stone. I think that was probably the biggest shift for me, just to have the confidence to actually just have a go and having someone holding my hand and the other people in the group as well supporting me throughout that.

My favourite thing about the course and working with Suzanne and the rest of the participants was really about knowing that there was that online platform that I could get on at any time during the day or night and just say where I was at at that particular moment with everything. I was actually travelling for half of the course so I was finding that I felt like I was really behind everybody else in the course. I think Suz had put up a video at one point where I was really feeling very stuck and she said, “You're exactly where you need to be.” I think that just made me feel very relieved in knowing that I was where I needed to be and even if I was a module behind or hadn't quite worked out the answer to one of the questions that I was still where I needed to be in the journey.

I think that this course is really for anyone in business that wants to really get out there and have a bigger brand online and to play a bigger game. They might be … I mean, I guess ideally it would be at the start of the business, when you're starting off your business because then you're really going to have everything nailed from the get go. Even if you are two years, five years, 10 years down the business track you're still going to learn something and you're still going to be able to make some huge improvements to your business and to your brand. I really think that it could probably be for anyone at any level in their business but certainly it would be very beneficial for someone that was starting out.

Sam Mcfarlane

Social Media & Content VA - SamSays